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See why Billboard has called Raja's Moodbored "Spine-Chilling".

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

All hail The Queen! Raja Gemini's (Season 3 winner of Rupaul's Drag Race) music video for her new dance track "Moodbored" has made quite the splash, having landed on on Entertainment Weekly's "Collection of Rupaul's Drag Race Queens' Best Music Videos", Gay Times Magazine, and Billboard. and World of Wonder. WOW

"Moodbored" offers Raja's Vincent Price vocal aesthetic in a devastating dance track which takes the audience from the social repetition of LA nightclubs to a magic feast for the eyes in the Palm Desert. With wardrobe hand-selected by Raja Gemini, "Moodbored" features fashion details contributed by Wardrobe Stylist KIKI XTRAVAGANZA, Gloves by Majesty Black, Jewelry by Bjorn Van Den Berg, and curated pieces from Raja's own collection.

Tyler Stone, the video's director and editor, is also the tracks composer and producer. Music video produced by Rosa Costanza.

And, as if you couldn't handle any more ferociousness, check out these sickening publicity stills taken by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

Photography and Art Direction Sequoia Emanuelle Stylist Melvin Sanders Hair Tony Medina Makeup Roshar Backdrops created by Londubh Studio Hat Lory Sun Jewels Bjorn Van Den Berg Top (Picture 1) Amorphose Top (Picture 6) Harry Halim Gloves Majesty Black

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