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SURVIVING SUMMER: Here are 3 things you need.

It's hot as hell. That means its time to slather on the SPF and shower at least three times a day. The globe isn't getting any cooler. So, we've put together a list of 3 things you're going to need if you're going to survive another hot & thotty summer in the city.


Go to any party any warehouse party in Downtown Los Angeles and you'll probably find an entire spectrum of holographic fashions. From clear weekenders to prismatic combat-boots, we're sure the girls over at Dolls Kill will have everything you need to get your rave on. SHOP HERE.


I mean, obviously, sunglasses are a vital element in any summer ensemble. They shield you from the hateful sun, hide all the shade you throw, and complete your look. Check out this striking collection of eyewear by BURKINBEA, an online store curated by femme QPOC owner Karen Emilienne. SHOP HERE.


It's no secret that onesies and rompers are seen from coast to coast on just about everybody. The key to properly pulling this off without getting lost in a sea of basic is to stand out and wear something as bold as you are. Check out these dope threads by LA based Designer Rik Villa by CLICKING HERE.

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