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In The Booth with DJ Bo Monde

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Photographer René Zuiderveld

Having come up through the NYC nightlife underground, I've been to my fair share of clubs and heard my fair share of music. Iconic party promoters such as Susanne Bartsch and Frankie Sharp have been known to foster some of the best DJs in New York. So armed with drink tickets and a pair of headphones, I submerged myself into a culture that has forever changed my life.

Now, let's take a magical trip across the pond to Amsterdam. We're no longer in Bartschland. Three Hundred coffee and smart shops later, my crew and I were feeling it and were ready to dance. A film of mine had just premiered; and I remembered that an artist friend and Amsterdam local, Noah Valentyn, had referred me to a space called Club Church.

After playing with an insanely creepy amount of wild rabbits in Westerpark, we were on our way. I could hear the music pounding from blocks away. Upon arriving, I could tell by the tall bearded drag queens waiting outside that I was at the right place. What happened next is what I would consider life-changing. About an hour before our journey to the club, we had all shared some mushroom chocolates; and they were kicking in at the perfect time.

For the next few hours, my comrads and I shared a colorful evening of lights, bass, and sweat. Behind the decks was DJ Bo Monde. This former Miss Gay Holland had the entire room giving it their best. Bo Monde built her collection and skill set starting out as a volunteer DJ for her local community center. She then began teaching workshops at after school activities for young adolescents in youth centers. Her ability to get a crowd up to party and her positive contributions within her community are what have gained her headlining residencies and tours. The more the night went on, the more the clothes came off. We had achieved singularity.

The more the night went on, the more the clothes came off. We had achieved singularity. After sweating off a thousand calories in a club that looked like the Lost Boy's treehouse, we began our mission restock those calories and head home. We just went on and on about how it was the best night ever. Each one of us housed an entire pizza but not without sharing it with those strange wild rabbits in Westerpark.

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