Demi God's "La Petit Mort" featured in World of Wonder.

Updated: Feb 9

A nun and a priest walk into a bar. No really. New York City based duo Demi God kick off their upcoming EP "Divinity" with a music video for "La Petit Mort", a dynamic track that invokes a message of surrender vs obsession that can be described as nothing short of devilishly heavenly.

Comprised of Lower East Side bassist/vocalist Brianna O'Hara and Bronx-based MC Charlie Sheena, Demi God packs a punch that will send the most wicked sinners begging on their knees for forgiveness. Filmed in the Lower East Side's iconic Lucky 13 bar, the duo transform this darkened dive into a steamy, rated-R pulpit.

O'Hara, who's background in rock and classical blends with Charlie Sheena's unique hip-hop stylings to create a high-octane tour de force. Music produced by Tyler Stone of FemmeKraft. Check out their music video for "La Petit Mort" below.

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