In The Booth with DJ Bo Monde

Having come up through the NYC nightlife underground, I've been to my fair share of clubs and heard my fair share of music. Iconic party promoters such as Susanne Bartsch and Frankie Sharp have been known to foster some of the best DJs in New York. So armed with drink tickets and a pair of headphones, I submerged myself into a culture that has forever changed my life. Now, let's take a magical trip across the pond to Amsterdam. We're no longer in Bartschland. Three Hundred coffee and smart shops later, my crew and I were feeling it and were ready to dance. A film of mind had just premiered and I remembered that an artist friend and Amsterdam local, Noah Valentyn, had referred me to a space

SURVIVING SUMMER: Here are 3 things you need.

It's hot as hell. That means its time to slather on the SPF and shower at least three times a day. The globe isn't getting any cooler. So, we've put together a list of 3 things you're going to need if you're going to survive another hot & thotty summer in the city. 1. ANYTHING HOLOGRAPHIC Go to any party any warehouse party in Downtown Los Angeles and you'll probably find an entire spectrum of holographic fashions. From clear weekenders to prismatic combat-boots, we're sure the girls over at Dolls Kill will have everything you need to get your rave on. SHOP HERE. 2. SOME FLY ASS SUNNIES. I mean, obviously, sunglasses are a vital element in any summer ensemble. They shield you from the hatefu

A 'Very Real Fantasy' in July

Every so often, we stumble upon an artist or designer that snatches our breath and our wigs at the same time; and our weekly artist spotlight Very Real Fantasy did just that. From Ottawa, Canada, 19 year old Justin opens up to us about their process, inspiration in muses, and how expressing themselves via art in the social/digital era has allowed them to find their true selves. FK: Your art has a very specific vintage aesthetic with often dark and relevant references. What inspired you to get into this style of artistic expression? VRF: I love any type of art that creates emotion, whether it be positive or negative. I'm a very sarcastic person filled with opinions which translates directly t

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